Client Success Stories

"I was at an impasse in life…I had to trust my coach. I had to realize that we were a team and I needed to learn from her…my coach, Joanne, showed me how  to prioritize my life…I had less anxiety and was not afraid to try new things…As a result, my income has tripled.

"Everyone should have a coach. Joanne is a personal cheerleader, a motivator and a confidant."

Nancy S.

"Joanne is an excellent listener and yet, she will not let you feel sorry for yourself or let you make excuses. Good coaches are able to get you to do the things you need to do without brow beating you. Joanne is credible, honest, humorous and realistic. Joanne was very good in helping me identify ideas and creative approaches. A great listener, she challenged me to think about non-traditional approaches that I could use with my law degree. Without dictating to me, she helped me get ‘unstuck’. That is why she is a good coach. Joanne can persuade lawyers to change their minds!

I have recommended other people use her as a coach because she is effective."

Jim M.

"I sought outside counsel to coach me through transitioning to a new career. Over the coaching period, I was able to identify transferable leadership skills. I gained added confidence about myself… My coach is candid and supportive. I have always received from her straightforward and constructive feedback.

"Even though I didn’t change from the company where I worked, I did earn a promotion to the position of President,"

Mark M.

“As always, your calm, consistent and reliable coaching was a huge help. It never ceases to amaze me how you guide through the ‘noise and clatter’ to gently, but effectively, focus on the keys to success.”

Richard R.

“I am grateful to you for keeping things on track when they weren’t going well. Your positive attitude was very encouraging. You always kept me upbeat and encouraged me to try new approaches. Thank you again for everything.”

Richard H.

“We want you to know how very much we appreciated all the time you spent helping us adjust to the idea of retirement and then introducing us to an entirely new perspective in planning and preparing for our life in retirement. You have enabled us to set goals and objectives, establish priorities, and actually accomplish many things already. We both feel that your knowledge, professionalism and direction made it possible. We feel better informed, confident, and prepared to make the most of retirement. We both feel that you are an outstanding coach and we gained immeasurably from our time spent with you.”

John and Joan D.

“You present me with the ultimate writer’s dilemma: What to say when words just don’t seem to be adequate to convey the gratitude and appreciation I have for all you did for me. But let me try anyway. You provided just the right amounts of sincere understanding and motivational urging at just the right times in my job search. You helped in so many ways- not the least of which was helping me decide ‘what I want to do when I grow up,’ and helping me see there were lots of options. As I look back on the experience, I realize now just how valuable and confidence-building the whole process was, although, as you know, it wasn’t always easy. But then, few things of lasting worth are easy. Thank you.”


“Thanks to our coaching: 1) I received three job offers 2) My income has increased 50% 3) I’m working as a consultant, so I’m not involved in the corporate politics and all of the responsibility doesn’t reside on my shoulders. Best of all, I get to go home (most) every night when the whistle blows at 5 P.M. It was a pleasure working with you.”

Laura J.

“Your encouragement, enthusiasm and calm, professional approach to problem solving has been very useful to me. Thank you, again.”


“I am really grateful to for the opportunity to have worked with you during my time of transition. I want to thank you for your patience, guidance, and compassion. You encouraged me when I needed to be encouraged, listened when I needed to talk, guided me when I needed guidance, and above all helped me sort through the ‘garbage’. As a result of our working together, I am now more confident…”