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COACH TIP: Coach Training – Is it relevant?



Whether you want to specialize as a transition coach,
creativity coach or weight loss coach, much of the
foundational information learned from coach training is
relevant and valuable to your coaching practice.

For example, a sales coach, career coach or even a speaker coach will encounter a client that would want some feedback or need a change of perspective surrounding their interpretation of a situation.  A coach, no matter their market will guide the client through a reframing process if necessary.  Consider the view, “it is your perspective which grants your experiences of life, not your circumstances”.  It is the ability to be a powerful coach, not just a certain type of coach that makes a difference.

Basic coaching principles hold true for any kind of coaching you do be it relationship, retirement or recovery.  Listening is key, being present with the client a must and being non- judgmental essential.  Being committed, reliable, aligned, coachable, generous, compassionate and enthusing, are also part of the mix even if you want to be a dating coach or a humor coach.

So as you can see it does not matter if you are a single parent coach, executive coach or balance coach the learning received from your coach training will make you a powerful coach, the best niche coach of all.

Joanne Waldman
Coach/Teleclass Leader
International Coach Academy